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In 2073 regular military forces of all former Terran nations were consolidated into a single organization, forming the Freedom Defense Corps (F.D.C.). It was and still is the task of the F.D.C. to protect all inhabitants of the GD from danger whether inside and outside.

Clear guiding rules for the use of martial violence were fixed in this Codex. The F.D.C. retains the traits of military organizations from before The Foundation, i.e. they are too unwieldy a force to effectively deal with localized internal threats. The ranking structure is multi-ethnic, a purely political move to ease the transition process.

To this day, their directive remains to seek out and annihilate threats to the Global Dominion from within and without. They are known and feared as The Hammer of the Dominion. The Dominion, who taxes both Earth’s corporations and the CMG to arm itself and maintain peace through the colonies, funds the FDC. Within the FDC there is a subdivision, which makes use of these funds to contracts Corps to maintain supplies.

The F.D.C. is the military arm of the Global Dominion. It protects and defends all Dominion interests against external and internal enemies. The FDC is the only lawful military organization in the Dominion. This is a huge responsibility, one that the FDC takes great care to exercise. They are trained to fight wars, but the decision to go to war is made by the elected government of the Dominion.

When diplomacy and democracy fail, they are then asked to step in. When this happens the FDC is the only government and the only law in declared martial zones. The citizens living in these conflict zones can expect the FDC to provide them with defense, shelter, food and protection. This is the FDC mandate and their mission. One disadvantage of the Freedom Defense Corps is its high inertia, e.g. they may only use martial law, not overt action, to deal with internal enemies. The FDC is neutral to all corporations, as they are civilians in the eyes of the GD. The FDC will intervene only when they are called to do this.

The Main Responsibilities of the FDC: Must maintain peace and order in any zone that the LED cannot operate safely in. May intervene in any zone at the request of LED or the Colonial Senate. Must maintain the FDC at a constant state of combat readiness in order to defend the Dominion from any threat. Must be prepared to enforce Martial Law at all times when ordered and/or called upon.


Info Freedom Defense Corps

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